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JOBST® offers a variety of bandaging systems designed to allow the optimal management of edema. These bandage systems are generally used before wearing a compression garment.  Bandages help reduce swelling and stabilize the size of the limb before being measured and fit for the JOBST® compression garment. 


SHORT STRETCH BANDAGES High working pressure and low resting pressure to actively support muscle pump work Indications For phlebologic and lymphologic diseases, such as varicosis, thrombophlebitis, phlebothrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency (in...


MEDIUM AND LONG STRETCH BANDAGES Low working pressure and high resting pressure Indications Support bandages or compression bandages for injuries of the ligamentum as well as sport injuries, such as distortions, contusions, luxations, tendovaginit...


ZINC GEL BANDAGES No resting pressure and high working pressure for phlebologic or orthopedic indications Indications Compression bandages for phlebologic indications, such as chronic venous insufficiency (incl. venous leg ulcers or venous edema...

JOBST® foam

JOBST® foam is designed to evenly distribute the pressure from compression stockings or bandages over and around bony prominences. Without any natural rubber latex, JOBST® foam is available in two versatile forms – a foam rubber bandage and a foa...


CompriFoam® open cell foam bandage is ideal for padding under compression bandages for phlebological and lymphological indications. It is designed to evenly distribute the pressure from compression bandages over extremities, thus preventing constric...

JOBST® LymphCare

  JOBST® LymphCARE is a complete solution for compression bandaging of an arm, leg or lower leg. Distinctly arranged and ready for use with reliable quality, each kit contains a customized amount of the components necessary for effective banda...

Comprilan® Plus

  Comprilan® Plus is a set for compression therapy to treat chronic venous insufficiency, incl. ulcus cruris venosum phlebology edema ...

JOBST® Comprifore

Compression can be considered the cornerstone in the therapy of venous leg ulcers. As indicated by numerous studies1, adequate compression supports venous flow and shows significant effects on deep venous haemodynamics – ultimately providing large ...



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