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Cuticell® Epigraft
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Don’t be misled by the unspectacular looks of Cuticell® Epigraft. This epithelialisation dressing produces spectacular results when it comes to re-epithelialisation of split-thickness skin grafts. Manufactured from cellulose film Cuticell® Epigraft serves as a temporary replacement for the missing epithelium, thus protecting the wound and allowing it to heal in a shorter time without external disturbance. Cuticell® Epigraft delivers fast results, scoring high in patient comfort and efficiency.

With Cuticell® Epigraft you apply a breathable medium to the wound, stabilising it while shielding it from harmful environmental factors. This enables Cuticell® Epigraft to significantly reduce the healing time. New epithelium re-grows faster and shortens the customary intervals between first and second harvest when used for split-thickness skin grafts. Quicker re-harvesting allows more wound area (e.g. burns) to be closed up in a shorter time. Subsequently, patients can be released from ICUs sooner and regain mobility faster.

Indications for Cuticell® Epigraft are:

  • split-thickness skin grafts
  • category 2a/2b burns
  • wounds with characteristics comparable to split-thickness skin graft sites

The factors that make a successful Skin Builder – Cuticell® Epigraft ...

  • Serves as an effective anti- microbial barrier on the wound site.
  • Works without adhesives and is fixed with a simple retention bandage.
  • Is a remarkably thin, con- formable dressing. It is easy to apply and can be cut to individual shapes.
  • Is translucent and allows visual assessment of the healing process. Excess exudate can be controlled by cutting the dressing thus allowing built up fluids to drain.
  • Keeps its integrity through- out. It will not grow into the wound and therefore comes off in a single piece with minimum trauma for the patient.

Easy to Use for More Comfort And Efficiency

  1. Cleansing of wound.
  2. Wound bleeding and secretion must be brought to a low level with the wound surface still moist.
  3. Cover entire wound with Cuticell® Epigraft al- lowing 1cm excess at the borders. For larger wounds combine two or more dressings over- lapping them by a minimum of 3 mm.
  4. Remove bubbles and secretion by gently pressing from the centre to the edges. Prior moisturising of the dressing will simplify this step.
  5. Allow the dressing to dry. Fixate Cuticell® Epigraft by applying retention bandage with mild pressure.
  6. Once applied the dressing can stay on 1 the wound until epithelialisation is com- pleted.
  7. Remove Cuticell® Epigraft by moisturising the dressing with sterile saline solution. Allow to soak, then peel off.

Ordering Information

Ref. No.Size (cm) Pouches / Box Boxes / Shipper
72650-01 7.5 x 10 cm 10 20
72650-03 10 x 15 cm 10 10
72650-04 15 x 20 cm 10 10



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