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Norta® Urobag
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An easy to operate, hygienic and safe slide valve is used to empty the bag.

Only closed systems should be used for urinary drainage to eliminate the risk of infections and provide the best possible protection. Norta® Urobag without drip chamber from the Norta® Urosyst range is suitable for use as a closed urine drainage system, guaranteeing hygiene and safety in use.

Description and properties

The tear-resistant plastic film and robust seams prevent the Norta® Urobag tearing or bursting even when very full. The bacteria and moisture impermeable venting system ensures permanent pressure compensa- tion. Even small amounts of urine can therefore flow unhin- dered into the bag. If the Norta® Urobag is held above the blad- der level, the anti-reflux valve prevents retrograde flow of urine into the bladder, reducing the risk of ascending infections. A slide valve allows easy, hy- gienic and safe bag emptying.

● Anti-reflux valve reduces the risk of ascending infections.
● Safe venting system for opti- mal pressure compensation.
● Self-sealing sampling port for diagnostic purposes.
● Reliable connection to all commercially available catheters.

Main uses

Norta® Urobag for the drainage and collection of urine.

Period of use: Short-term, up to 3 days.



Available range

Art. No. Bags per inner/outer
9401 Norta® Urobag without drip chamber, 2-litre drainage bag, individually sealed, sterile in tear-open pack50/50
9401Bed attachment system for Norta® Urobag
7600910 Norta® Urobag suspenders1/10



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