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Leukomed® I.V.
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I.V. dressing with non-adherent wound pad.
The material, form and adhesive power of Leukomed® I.V. make for therapeutic reliability and convenience in cannula fixation. Both patients and users profit: The soft material is stretchable and pliable, the release paper in three parts and V-shaped slit make application simple and easy and the high level of adhesive power ensures reliable fixation.

Product description/product properties:

Leukomed® I.V. is made of stretchable non-woven polyester that adapts readily to skin and cannulae and features excellent air permeability. The skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive ensures reliable adhe- sion. The extra soft, absorbent wound pad made of non-woven viscose has a special polypropylene coating to prevent it from sticking to the wound.

Product composition:

  • Substrate: non-woven polyester, coated with polyacrylate adhesive
  • Wound pad: non-woven viscose, coated with polypropylene


  • Fixation of catheter and cannulae in the operation theatre, in the ward and in casualty

Duration of use:

  • short term, one to several days

Other properties:

  • highly absorbent wound pad
  • high initial and permanent adhesive power
  • leaves no residues when removed
  • rounded edges prevent plaster from rolling up at the edges
  • sterile
  • extra non-woven pad with swab and cushion functions




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