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Carpex® OP masks
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Carpex® comfort, our standard mask- suitable for most users.
Carpex® carat, better fit for eyeglass wearers: The longer nose piece allows better facial fit and re- duces eyeglass fogging.

Only facial masks with a high level of filtration perfor- mance can protect patients from infections. The mask should also be breathable and skin-friendly. The new Carpex® OP mask assortment meets these requirements according the EN 14683.

Product description / product properties

The new Carpex® OP mask as- sortment includes three differ- ent mask types as per the EU Standard. Three Carpex® OP mask types, I, II and IIR are available with different levels of bacterial filtration efficiency, differential pressure and splash pressure resistance. The proven Carpex® OP mask forms meet every demand, reason- able and reliably. The wearing comfort of the Carpex® OP masks has also been improved.

Every new Carpex® OP mask features a new, and particularly skin-friendly, inner cover stock. The material does not lose fibres and shows good pilling properties in use (lint-free).

  • reliable bacterial barrier
  • highleveloffiltrationefficiency
  • particularly skin-friendly
  • breathable


Carpex® OP masks prevent transmission of pathogenic microorganisms from the wearer to the environment:

  • in surgical applications
  • in ICU applications
  • in infection, premature and neonate ward applications
  • in delivery room applications

Product composition: non-woven material
Technical data: latex-free
Duration of use: short-term, up to several hours

Range available

Box with 50 Carpex® OP masks

REF No.FormBoxes/ Shipper
Carpex® comfort09064-01Type I1/6
09064-02Type II1/6
Carpex® carat09063-01Type I1/6
09063-02Type II1/6
Carpex® superior09067-02Type IIR1/6
Carpex® ultra09065-01Type I1/6
09065-02Type II1/6



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