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ZINC GEL BANDAGES No resting pressure and high working pressure for phlebologic or orthopedic indications Indications Compression bandages for phlebologic indications, such as chronic venous insufficiency (incl. venous leg ulcers or venous edema)...

Glovex® ultra tex

Suitable for all diagnostic procedures for which non-slip, safe grip and high tactile sensitivity are important. Made of natural latex high durability and stretchBeaded cuffsPowder-freeExcellent anatomical fit *contains latex which may elicite al...

Glovex® ultra vinyl

Especially suitable for nursing activities involving contact with greases and ointments, and for the application of plaster casts. Made of soft vinylPowder-free Latex-freeFree of benzothiazoles, carbamates and thioureas Protects wearers and patien...


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