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Our comprehensive range of shoulder products strikes the perfect balance – between reliable rigidity and a comfortable, customizable fit. Products with non-crease, non-stretch foam straps and longitudinal seams hold the arm securely in place to immobilize the shoulder and enhance patient comfort, particularly in the neck area. Other intelligent design features also help avoid unilateral strain on the neck, for example by ensuring even weight distribution across both shoulders. Patients will appreciate the added comfort of a customizable fit, extra padding and soft foam materials lined with skin-friendly terry cloth.

Actimove® Gilchrist Plus

Actimove® Gilchrist Plus is a premium quality shoulder immobilizer which securely fixates the upper arm in an adducted position. The open design and sturdy construction ensures easy hygiene while also making wound inspection simple. Indications ...

Actimove® Clavicula Comfort

  Actimove® Clavicula Comfort is a functional and highly comfortable clavicle support. Its backpack construction pulls the shoulders backwards to align the clavicle fracture or to provide postural support. A flat plastic ring is positioned in ...

Actimove® Umerus Comfort

  Actimove® Umerus Comfort is a premium quality shoulder immobiliser that supports the arm and limits shoulder movement as required for an effective therapy. The non-elastic foam straps ensure comfortable, secure positioning. Application and f...


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