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Hands are normally in constant use, so fast therapy and user-friendly products are crucial for patient compliance. The Actimove® range ticks these boxes with material innovations like the unique advanced knitted structure that delivers targeted compression and softness in the Motion Comfort Zone around the thumb. Other unique Actimove® features include a smart, slip-on design that makes it easy for patients to take their product on and off with just one hand, and adjustable diagonal thumb straps for more effective stabilization.

Actimove® Rhizo Forte

Actimove® Rhizo Forte is the one of a kind brace restricting thumb movement while maintaining the daily functionality of the hand. The Red Dot® award winning design ensures the immobilisation of the carpometacarpal joint (CMC) and metacarpophalange...

Actimove® Manus Forte

Actimove® Manus Forte is a highly breathable, stabilising wrist brace for effective pain relief and rapid recovery. Indications Acute pain and irritation in the wrist joint e.g. distortion Chronic pain and irritation in the wrist joint, e.g. a...

Actimove® Manus Forte Plus

Actimove® Manus Forte Plus is a highly breathable Indications and stabilising wrist and thumb brace made from top quality, latex-free materials, for an adjunctive treatment of painful conditions and irritations of the wrist and thumb joint, e.g. ski...

Actimove® ManuMotion

The advanced knitted structure of the Actimove® ManuMotion wrist support combines targeted compression, reliable wrist stabilisation and high wearing comfort to support pain relief. Featuring an anatomically shaped dorsal pressure pad, a mouldable...


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