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Leukoplast® Leukomed® T skin sensitive
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Leukoplast Leukomed T skin sensitive
Leukoplast Leukomed T skin sensitive manual

Product description:

The number of patients with fragile or compromised skin is constantly increasing, making skin integrity a pressing topic for healthcare providers. Elderly patients, infants and patients undergoing long-term care are especially affected.

Standard fixation products may cause adhesive-related injuries when removed, risking pain and potentially necessitating additional treatment for patients. Leukomed® T skin sensitive transparent film dressing has been developed specifically for patients with fragile and compromised skin. The soft silicone adhesive ensures secure fixation and atraumatic removal.

Convincing product features:

Area of application:

For secure wound protection and fixation on fragile and compromised skin.


Easy and quick to apply

1. Hold the wound dressing at the red handling tape. Then remove the top of the first release liner (labelled no. 1).

Hold the red handling tape with the adhesive facing towards the wound or device and apply half of the transparent dressing accurately over the desired location. Now remove the second layer of release liner (also labelled no. 1).

Carefully press the transparent film onto the skin, especially around the edges. Full skin contact ensures that the dressing is waterproof and a bacterial barrier.

2. Now remove the top application film by lifting the edge of the red handling tape (labelled no. 2) and carefully peeling off this top layer.

Remove: to remove the dressing, pull off the film evenly using one of the edges.


  • Bacteriaproof and waterproof protection of post-operative and superficial traumatic wounds
  • Sterile fixation of primary dressings and compresses
  • Additional fixation of devices
  • Protection of non-secreting wounds from friction and shear forces

Range available

SizeRef-no.ContentShipping unit
5 cm x 7.2 cm76464005 dressings per box36
8 cm x 10 cm76464015 dressings per box36
8 cm x 15 cm76464025 dressings per box36



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