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Leukoplast® elastic strips
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Product description:

Leukoplast® elastic strips consists of a flesh coloured, crosswise elastic Viscose - Polyamide woven which is porous coated on one side with a transparent latex free, synthetic rubber-based adhesive. A white absorbent non-woven wound pad is applied centrally on the coated side of the wound dressings.
The adhesive mass of Leukoplast® elastic strips is fully covered with two white, one side siliconized release papers. The lower release paper has got a fold which is overlapped by the upper release paper. Leukoplast® elastic strips is precut to strips, pouched and packed into folding boxes.


Intended Use / Indications:

Leukoplast® elastic strips is intended for short time use as cover for minor wounds like cuts, lacerations, abrasions or as cover of puncture sites after blood withdrawal or vaccination. Especially for joints and awkward body contours e.g. elbows, knees, fingers or wrists.

Leukoplast® elastic strips is used by healthcare professionals and patients.


The products will be available from 26th of May 2020.

Range available

Article codeProduct nameProduct description
76455-00009-00Leukoplast elastic stripsLP EL ASS TA 1 IT PT ES (20DRS 2SIZES)
76455-00010-00Leukoplast elastic stripsLP EL ASS TA 1 INT. CENTRAL (20DRS 2SIZES)
76455-00011-00Leukoplast elastic stripsLP EL ASS TA 1 INT. NORDIC (20DRS 2SIZES)
76455-00012-00Leukoplast elastic stripsLP EL 28X72MM TA 20 IT PT ES
76455-00013-00Leukoplast elastic stripsLP EL 28X72MM TA 20 INT. NORDIC
76455-00014-00Leukoplast elastic stripsLP EL 19X56MM TA 10 IT PT ES
76455-00015-00Leukoplast elastic stripsLP EL ASS TA 1 IT PT ES (40DRS 4SIZES)
76455-00016-00Leukoplast elastic stripsLP EL ASS TA 1 INT. CENTRAL (40DRS 4SIZES)
76455-00017-00Leukoplast elastic stripsLP EL ASS TA 1 INT. NORDIC (40DRS 4SIZES)



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