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Leukoplast® aqua pro professional
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Product description:

Leukoplast® aqua pro consists of a transparent PU-film which is coated on one side with an acrylic adhesive. A non-woven wound pad is applied centrally on the coated side of all wound dressings. The adhesive mass of Leukoplast® aqua pro is fully covered with two white, one side siliconized release papers. The lower release paper has got a fold which is overlapped by the upper release paper. Leukoplast® aqua pro is precut to strips, pouched and packed into folding boxes.


Intended Use / Indications:

Leukoplast® aqua pro is intended for short time use as cover for minor wounds like cuts, lacerations, abrasions or as cover of puncture sites after blood withdrawal or vaccination.

Leukoplast® Aqua Pro is used by healthcare professionals and patients.


The products will be available from 26th of May 2020.

Range available

Article codeProduct nameProduct description
76457-00000-00Leukoplast aqua proLP AQ PRO 19X40MM TR 100 INT.
76457-00001-00Leukoplast aqua proLP AQ PRO D22MM TR 100 INT.
76457-00002-00Leukoplast aqua proLP AQ PRO 19X72MM TR 10 IT PT ES



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