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Cutisoft® Cotton
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The handy blister pack allows the swabs to be treated with medications and disinfectants before use.
Cutisoft® Cotton gauze swabs for rapid wound cleansing.
The swabs come in two sizes, allowing even larger wounds to be treated in a material-saving manner.

You should never make compromises with items of everyday use. Because quali- ty and safety are mainly a matter of attention to detail. Cutisoft® Cotton gauze swabs offer guaranteed absorbency and safety in wound care and disinfection. An integrated silicone ring prevents the swab from opening acciden- tally during use.

Description and properties

Cutisoft® Cotton gauze swabs come in standardized quality: 100 % oxygen-bleached cotton DIN 61630, 20-thread and two- ply. The residual gauze cuttings have been removed; a practical silicone ring secures the swab against accidental opening.

  • Absorbent
  • Two sizes
  • Pure cotton
  • Handy blister pack

Main uses

For hygienic cleansing and disinfection of wounds with standard agents.
Duration of use: temporary


Range available

Art.No.LengthSwabs per inner/outer
Cutisoft® Cotton gauze swab sterile
47637-00Nr. 2 walnut sized80 x 5/400
47638-00Nr. 3 plum sized25 x 5/250
Cutisoft® Cotton gauze swab non-sterile
47632-00Nr. 2 walnut sized1 x 1000/5
47633-00Nr. 3 plum sized1 x 1000/5



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