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Easifix® consists of a viscose/ polyamide mixed fabric with durable elastic properties. The bandage is extremely smooth, light and breathable. Description and properties Carefully finished with soft edges to prevent fraying. No risk of bandage cut...


A fixation bandage should fit reliably, without slipping and creasing and should re- strict the patient’s movements as little as possible. Elastomull® meets these requirements. The elasticity of the fabric with its high restoring force and large s...

Elastomull® haft

Conventional fixation bandages often tend to slip when applied to joints or when used to secure plaster splits. Elastomull® haft color doesn’t. The elastic cohesive bandage is coated with natural caoutchouc latex. This makes the individual turns o...


MEDIUM AND LONG STRETCH BANDAGES Low working pressure and high resting pressure Indications Support bandages or compression bandages for injuries of the ligamentum as well as sport injuries, such as distortions, contusions, luxations, tendovaginit...


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