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BSN medical offers professional tapes for functional bandages. Leukotape® classic stabilizes both mechanically and proprioceptively. Offering outstanding user comfort, its high adhesive strength ensures the non-slip fit of the tape bandage. Leukotape® K supports sensory functions. Wave pattern adhesive allows air to circulate and full mobility is preserved.

Triple Cross® Premium

  Triple Cross Premium is a crepe bandage which is used as a gentle support and compression bandage to help reduce pain and maintain stability in sprains and strains. It can be used for heavy retention and for the fixation of splints and device...


  The Soffcrepe® bandage is manufactured from a shrink woven fabric of plain weave and is intended for light support and dressing retention....


  Idealbinde- BSN is a cotton bandage with stretch properties which provides light support, compression and dressing retention....

Uniflex® Universal

  Uniflex® Universal is an elasticated support bandage with fast woven edges and a smooth surface. It is used for support and to retain dressings....


  Tensogrip® is an elasticated tubular bandage and provides light support, light compression and dressing retention....

Tricodur® Tubular

In addition to its supporting and fixation properties, a ready-made tubular bandage should also allow rapid and secure application. This re- quires the use of a special quality material. For econom- ical use it is necessary to have the right size ava...


  Unihaft® is a permanently elastic, cohesive bandage with a micro porous latex layer. It is used for strong support and for retention of bandages and dressings....


  Co-Plus is a cohesive bandage and constructed from a combination of high strength synthetic fibres polyurethane elastic yarn and a cohesive natural rubber compound. Co-Plus is intended for general support, compression of soft tissue injuries ...



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