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Delta-Lite® Conformable
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Superior Handling is the first priority in the cast room. Superior handling is an outstanding feature of Delta-Lite® Conformable. Its high conformability and the benefits of a new resin formulation guarantee problem-free application and superb anatomically molded casts.

High conformability thanks to 3D-stretch and elastic yarn

  • Wrinkle-free application due to patented* elastic fabric delivering multi-directional conformability
  • No tuck and fold gaps or issues during application
  • Master difficult anatomic contours with ease
  • Excellent molding characteristics
  • Creates well-fitting anatomic cast

New resin formulation with slip agent surfactant

  • Use the glove of your choice
  • Pleasant smooth touch throughout molding time
  • Consistent and reliable working and set time


The robust fiberglass yarns combined with elastic yarns of Delta-Lite® Conformable assure high reliability and longevity.

Rigid with a flexible touch

  • Durable fiberglass and elastic yarns for strong support
  • Secure lamination provides strong, long-lasting stability
  • Weight-bearing after only 20 minutes

Durability that lasts throughout

  • Fiberglass/Elastic yarn substrate delivers durable casts
  • Allows sufficient room for muscle movement thus preventing constriction and premature cast changes
  • Open knit substrate increases air flow and helps to reduce skin breakdown

Benefits at a Glance

  • Highly conformable
  • Rigid and durable due to secure lamination
  • Excellent molding with gloves of your choice
  • Lightweight cast for better compliance and comfort
  • Latex-free

Ordering information

Short arm application

Thumb spica application

Long arm application

Lower leg application

Lower leg application with footplate

Boxer application

Removable short arm application

Removable thumb spica application

Removable second Phalanx application

Removable gamekeeper application

Removable lower leg application

Delta-Dry Thumb spica application

Delta-Dry lower leg

Knee application



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