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Cutimed® ACUTE (Cream Mousse)
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Gentle cream mousse for very high moisture needs.

Hydration in the balance

Lifestyle, environmental factors and even medical treatment can all lead to excessive loss of moisture from the skin. This dehydration can result in a variety of uncomfortable conditions: dry, scaly or cracked skin, which may become itchy or inflamed. The goal of effective treatment for these conditions is to re-balance the natural moisture content of the skin and so improve the general well-being of the patient.

Key causes of moisture deficiency

Water is the most important substance responsible for supple skin. A damaged skin barrier leads to increased transepidermal water loss (TEWL), which results in dry skin conditions. These may be caused by various factors, including:


A moisturiser containing urea can be highly successful in counteracting dryness and soothing the skin

Urea: the body’s own moisturising agent

Urea is a natural moisturising factor that helps our skin stay properly hydrated. When TEWL is increased, a urea-based product can be applied externally, binding water, re-balancing hydration and helping to restore the skin’s smoothness and elasticity. Even very dry, stressed or elderly skin can be helped in this way.


Benefits of urea

  • re-balances the moisture content of the skin
  • makes skin smooth and supple
  • stabilizes the skin’s natural barrier function
  • promotes regeneration of the epidermal barrier reduces itchiness
  • loosens the horny outer layer of the skin

Cutimed® ACUTE: the dry-skin specialist

Cutimed® ACUTE is a cream mousse which brings valuable relief to dry-skin sufferers and simple, practical assistance to their healthcare professionals. This high quality range of urea-based products offers medical skin care and protection for all types of dry skin, particularly stressed or elderly skin. The easy application method of Cutimed® ACUTE cream mousse helps patients and professionals in the clinic.
Cutimed® ACUTE comes in three dermatologically-tested and colourant-free formats to offer versatile, reliable and effective hydration for a spectrum of skin conditions:


Cutimed® ACUTE cream mousse offers more all round

Cutimed® ACUTE delivers comprehensive relief as well as or better than existing lotions:


Proven to be effective on the fragile skin of diabetics

Thanks to its composition, Cutimed® ACUTE is ideally suited for skin at risk of drying out due to diabetes.


The fragile skin of diabetics should not be treated with an oil-based product, as this can contribute to occlusions. Diabetic skin needs pure moisture, which is why Cutimed® ACUTE is the correct choice of treatment.


Cutimed® ACUTE: professional solutions for dry skin problems

The range of 3%, 5% and 10% urea Cutimed® ACUTE cream mousses provides complete medical skin care for the whole spectrum of conditions in dry, stressed and elderly skin, whether focused on specific areas or used on the entire body:

At a glance advantages

  • re-balances the skin’s moisture content
  • promotes regeneration of the epidermal barrier
  • leaves skin smooth and supple
  • rapidly absorbed
  • no clogging of pores
  • leaves no greasy residue

Cutimed Acute and Cutimed Protect



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