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Actimove® Gilchrist Plus

Actimove® Gilchrist Plus is a premium quality shoulder and upper arm immobiliser with an open construction.
It features non-stretch, non-crease straps that ensure secure fixation of the upper arm in adducted position while allowing full mobility of thumb and fingers. The open construction allows easy wound inspection and provides good air circulation for less sweating.
Actimove® Gilchrist Plus is immediately ready to use; no lengthening or cutting is required. Application and fitting are made easy by the adjustable hook & loop closure system. Actimove® Gilchrist Plus offers a good anatomical fit and skin-friendly materials for high patient comfort.

Actimove® Clavicula Comfort

Actimove® Clavicula Comfort is a functional and highly comfortable clavicle support. Its backpack construction pulls the shoulders backwards to align the clavicle fracture or to provide postural support. A flat plastic ring is positioned in the cross-section on the back and ensures a good anatomical fit. This construction helps to reduce pressure on the spine and enables the patient to feel comfortable even in a recumbent position.
Actimove® Clavicula Comfort provides the required stability while offering easy application and adjustment and a high wearing comfort.

Actimove® Umerus Comfort

Actimove® Umerus Comfort is a premium quality shoulder immobiliser that supports the arm and limits shoulder movement as required for an effective therapy. The non-elastic foam straps ensure comfortable, secure positioning. Application and fitting of this product is made easy by the adjustable hook & loop closure system. Thanks to the adjustable neck padding, the lightweight sling envelope and soft thumb loop, Actimove® Umerus Comfort offers extra wearing comfort.

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