Post-op Dressings


Its combination of versatile features makes Leukomed® the number one choice in post-op dressings and sterile films. Gentle and highly absorbent, Leukomed® dressings are exceptionally comfortable. The non-woven post-op dressing is particularly soft, and its rounded edges prevent the dressings from peeling. Leukomed® T and T plus are bacteria-proof and allow the patient to shower while the film is still breathable. The Leukomed® brand also comprises non-woven and film I.V. dressings.

Leukomed® T plus

This sterile dressing, with a highly absorbent wound pad, provides reliable protection from water and bacteria. A wound is often painful and restricts your ability to move. With Leukomed® T plus you don't need to put up with any more restrictions: the sterile film dressing is waterproof, bacteria proof and enables you to resume your usual activities quickly.

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