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Actimove® Motion

A new generation of knitted supports.
To find the most appropriate joint support, we now offer four adequate solutions with the Actimove® Motion range. The innovative line of knitted supports is a perfect solution for the therapy of the knee, ankle, elbow and wrist joint.

The Actimove® Motion concept offers revolutionary functional benefits:
The new helix design.
Developed in cooperation with industrial designers, the helix design of the Actimove® Motion range provides a feeling of stability and dynamic movement. The design is self-explanatory, making the positioning of the support on the joint clear, enhancing patient compliance.

The innovative Motion Comfort Zone.
The Actimove® Motion range presents for the first time a knitted structure without inlaid yarns in the joint flexion area, providing exceptional comfort. It creates an almost pressure-free, pleasantly soft Motion Comfort Zone.

Effective compression.
The Actimove® Motion range provides highly effective therapeutic compression without causing an unpleasant sensation of constriction. It promotes improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow to support pain relief.

Finally pressure-free cuffs.
Designed in cooperation with BSN-Jobst specialists, the pressure-free structure of both cuffs provides a perfect fit with no constriction. Actimove® Motion supports stay in place, fit smoothly and will not roll up while in use.

Correct anatomical fit.
The knitted structure of the Actimove® Motion range combines excellent fit with optimized targeted compression. The 3D anatomical shape and a wide range of sizes enhance comfort.

Fusion instead of stitching.
The seamless fusion technology used to integrate inserts and stays eliminates irritation and pressure points otherwise caused by seams.

Skin-friendly materials.
All supports are latex-free and thus suitable for individuals with allergies against natural rubber.

Actimove® Motion supports – A revolutionary concept. Made in Germany.
This innovative range of knitted supports is available under the brands Actimove® (globally), Tricodur® (Germany only) and FLA Orthopedics® (USA only).

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