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The Actimove® range of trunk products offers a choice of clever features that enhance convenience, comfort and support – and give prescribers the options they need to optimize therapy and compliance. They can select a support with a cushioning lumbar pocket to support pain relief with a hot pack. Or prescribe a product with X-Design bands for additional back support. Another Actimove® product features individually adjustable elastic bands for regulating compression – its circular double-layer compression provides advanced support. Actimove® also offers a support with adjustable suspenders that help prevent slipping during physical work – giving patients the confidence to pursue the active lifestyle they prefer. 

Actimove® LombaCare-Motion

Actimove® LombaCare-Motion is a specially designed back support that uses wraparound compression to provide advanced support. Circular double layer belt for advanced compression and stabilisation Anatomical cut is designed to be especially comfort...

Actimove® LombaCare-X

Actimove® LombaCare-X is a specially designed back support to provide additional stabilization and pain relief. Developed for Acute and chronic back pain Degenerative back problems Acute lumbar pain Osteoporosis Muscular insufficiency Postoperat...


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