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Working at BSN

Working under Private Equity ownership

  • Working with PE ownership is an outstanding opportunity for you to belong and contribute to an international network, bringing operational expertise and promoting a high performance culture that values dedication and celebrates success. This often attracts the most skilled people, so you will find international experts and professionals among your new colleagues.

  • It is a form of ownership that enables flat hierarchies and quick decision making, which will give you the chance to be part of an entrepreneurial organisation, all while driving initiatives that truly make a difference to company growth. Optimised business plans and strategy, as well as internal efficiency, ensure that ideas can be brought to life in a short period of time.

  • We offer a wide range of opportunities for you to take responsibility and find pragmatic solutions for everyday issues, and welcome challenges to the status quo. PE ownership also encourages direct and transparent communication between management, board and employees. Not only does mean that there is less bureaucracy and management teams remain lean, but it provides a platform for you and your ideas to get the right exposure.

  • By joining a PE-owned firm, you will find yourself working with a cohort of people that is ambitious and motivated in an environment that encourages the promotion of individual ideas and personalities


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